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At Perfect Pools we install many types of above-ground pools. From 15′ round pools with no deck to ovals with full wrap around decks.

  • Did you purchase a pool and thought you could install it yourself only to find out you may not have all the equipment and knowledge needed for a safe and accurate install?
  • Do you have an old pool that you want to replace (take down/reinstall) that has special circumstances and need an above-ground pool expert’s help?
  • Did you purchase a pool over the Internet from a company claiming  you can “do it yourself”?
  • Did you purchase  a used pool and now need it to be installed by experts?


A sparkling pool is a great way to start your summer. Let the experts at Perfect Pools open and close your pool with confidence extending the life of your valuable investment.


We work with your insurance company, or with you to evaluate the situation, prepare an accurate quote and deliver excellent service.

  • Is your pool slowly losing water?
  • Is your liner so discolored it is an embarrassment to have guests over?
  • Did you buy a foreclosed home that has an above-ground pool in bad shape?
  • Did wind, storm, snow, or rain damage your pool?

Perfect Pools

Today is the day to make this summer yours!