It’s Official! Pool Season 2021 has begun!

As promised, our office is open, and we’re raring to go!  We’ll be scheduling site surveys, to be performed over the next few weeks; our pool openings will begin in late March/early April.

Speaking of pool openings, now is the time for everyone to get that excess water off the winter cover – after all the snow and rain, those covers may be carrying way too much weight!  When there’s too much weight on the cover, it will start pulling the sides of the pool inward – that can cause a lot of structural damage down the road.

If you have a submersible pump, make sure you keep an eye on it.  If you just lay it on the cover and walk away, it can easily suck the water right through the winter cover and drain the pool.  You should check it frequently for that, and make sure leaves and debris aren’t clogging it.

Remember to keep 4″ to 6″ of water on the cover – we don’t want wind to get under it.  Wind can also cause structural damage by literally moving the pool or pulling the top seats and top caps upwards.

If you haven’t scheduled your pool opening yet, please give us a call or shoot us an email for a quote.  We’re fully booked after April 26, 2021 (we only open pools until early May), but we still have spots available for late March through mid-April.

If you have questions regarding your above-ground pool, please feel free to email usvia the CONTACT US tab on our website.  Your questions may also be subjects for future blogs, plus, we’d like to know what you need to know.  We’re here to help you enjoy the summer!