Pool Project FAQs

We’ve gotten a lot of similar questions from customers, and wanted to share some information with all of you who are looking to have above-ground pool work performed this summer:

What’s your time frame?  We’re at the mercy of Mother Nature, so until she presents us with several days of hot, dry weather, we cannot begin digging and installing new pools.  Normally, we’ll begin new installations at the end of May or early June.  We have plenty of availability because we plan jobs very carefully.  No one will be waiting until the end of July for their pool or liner, even if it’s delivered in June, as long as the weather cooperates!

If it’s a liner project, we’ll be able to get to that sooner, since we don’t have to excavate.  We’ve been able to install some liners already, and are looking to get more installed just after Easter, when it looks like we might have a few warm, sunny days.

If it’s a replacement pool, those usually get started shortly after the liners start.  So, very soon!

Can I get on the schedule?  We don’t put anyone on the schedule until their pools or liners have been delivered.  We ran into problems with that last summer, and we don’t want to repeat that problem.  Unfortunately, our customers are at the mercy of their vendors, who are probably waiting on products to arrive from manufacturers.

It’s important that you contact us when your pool or liner delivers, so that we can get you scheduled asap – it’s a good idea to have us quote the project and walk through the process with you ahead of time.

Where can I find a pool or a liner?  Everyone seems to be out of stock!   We’ve been doing some online research, and have come across some pool and liner distributors that still have products.  If you’ll call or email us, we’ll share what we can with you.

We want you to enjoy your summer, and we hope this information helps you plan your project!