The Cicadas Are Coming!

That’s right – this is the big year for Brood X Cicadas!  Brood X are the cicadas that come out every 17 years, and we can expect billions of these buzzing, flying creatures to arrive in Mid-May and last through June.

Cicadas are attracted to buzzing, vibrating noises, such as your pool filter, which means they’ll be around the pool.  We recommend purchasing a leaf net for your pool.  It will cover the water surface and also protect the skimmer and return from getting clogged up with cicadas.  You can find leaf nets online or at your local pool supply store.

Another good reason for a leaf net cover is the helicopters or whirlybirds that are released from maple trees.  It’s easy to pull the leaf net off the pool and hose it down weekly until Mother Nature quits raining on our swimming season.

Leaf nets are also great over your winter cover.  They’ll catch all the leaves and debris from fall and winter, and you can pull the leaf net off the pool cover before opening your pool next spring.  All in all, a good investment and less pool maintenance for you!