Time to think about closing your pool!

Yes, it’s hot out right now, but fall is right around the corner, and your pool needs to be winterized.

There are plenty of methods to winterizing the pool – the thing to remember is:  Keep extra weight off of the winter cover!  Too much rain, snow or ice will weigh the cover down, and it will either rip at the seams or pull your wall inwards.  It’s a disaster that can be avoided.

Make sure to use a pool pillow.  Securing the pillow in the center of the pool will assure that all moisture rolls down towards the edges of the cover, making it easier for you to clear it off.

Make sure the cover is in good condition.  Duct tape over a rip or hole won’t make it through the winter – it’s better to buy a new cover than all the chemicals you’ll need to use in spring to bring the water back to clear.

Make sure to winterize the filter system, as well.  This means draining the filter tank, removing the head from the sand filter, taking the pump motor and head indoors, and lubricating all your fittings, gaskets and o-rings.

If you need help, call or email us!  We’ll mail you a brochure that describes our services, and you can decide whether or not you want our help.

We close pools from Labor Day until mid-October.  Many customers ask us to close and open one time so they get a feel for it; others have us close and open every year.  Either way, you’ll be glad we closed it when we open it next year!

swimming pool in winter

Snow and ice can ruin your pool!